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Our History

2018 is the 63rd year for Rohrbach’s Farm Market! Rohrbach’s is a family owned and operated working farm and farm market. Currently the third and fourth generation are working together on the farm. The fifth generation is young, but they are starting to be a part of various aspects of the farm work, too. Here is a summary of our family and farm history.

In 1955, Adali Rohrbach (first generation) purchased the farm and brothers George and Carl Rohrbach (second generation) opened Rohrbach's Farm Market as a self-service roadside stand. They sold apples, cider, eggs and potatoes. Over the years, the business has grown and gone through several additions to the existing structure that was once a dairy barn. George, along with his wife Margaret, operated the business through the 1980s. Their son, Ronald and his wife, Cathy, then purchased the family business. Ron's sister, Kay Brecht, co-managed the market.

The market continued to expand in 1987 when the Apple Core Gift shop was added. It grew over the years to represent over 100 gift companies. In 2000, the original barn floor and loft of the barn were converted into a unique gift shop to meet the growing demand for more gift shop space. In 2015, to adapt to changing gift shop industry trends we welcomed Freas Farm Winery into barn loft. Freas Farm winery is based in Berwick, PA and serves amazing PA Preferred wines. We also transitioned a portion of our gift shop space into a barn loft to host workshops and small meetings. Our desire to be a part of community involvement and eduction will be reflected in our schedule of events each year.

In 2000, the original gift shop (downstairs) was converted into a gourmet food area with items such as jellies, salad dressings, Pennsylvania Maple syrup, apple butter, honey and prepared mixes. Overall, it allowed for bigger fruit and produce displays and a needed expansion in the bakery. Rohrbach's signature apple and orchard pies and apple dumplings are three of our most popular items.

The market is open eight months of the year, May to December and closed on Sundays. We believe our family, business and wonderful employees are God's blessings. We believe He has sustained us through the hard years too.

From the market there is a scenic view of the surrounding mountains and the rolling farm fields. On our farm we primarily grow strawberries, apples, peaches, cherries, pumpkins, sweet corn, field corn, and soybeans.

Sixty-one years in business has certainly presented its share of ups and downs. Challenges have included struggling through the droughts, excess rain, hailstorms, killing frosts, and declining profits for field crops. We recognize God has always met our needs.

Festivals have become a major part of the Rohrbach's annual schedule, providing a focus on family oriented events. This also allows us to be a growing part of farm education and involvement in our community.

In 2013, Dan and Denise (Rohrbach) Bosworth returned to the farm during the summer to begin a new venture in their lives, Big Dan's BBQ (formerly Well Done Q), a roadside BBQ stand. Their home base was the Philadelphia area, and their plan was just to spend their summers here making delicious BBQ. However after a successful first year and admittance to the Bloomsburg Fair they decided to move their family back to the area. Bid Dan's BBQ made a perfect addition to the farm market.

In 2015 Mark and Ashley Rohrbach took on the ownership of the farm. Mark has pursued innovative farming with Green Armor Seeds, cover crops that lead to greater soil health and more sustainable agriculture. Dan and Denise continue to operate Big Dan's BBQ, and took on the management of the farm market and events. After operating the gift shop for nearly thirty years, along with her advertising responsibilities, Cathy retired, well sort of. She now spends more quality time with the nine grandchildren (a.k.a Babysitting!). You're sure to see her in the market or the Barn Loft especially during festivals. Ron continues to help maintain the fields and orchards. Kay continues to be involved in the farm market, too. There are now seventeen members of the fifth generation, many who have been or are beginning to work at the farm. The family members who don’t live locally are still frequent visitors!

We look forward to having you visit with us this year!